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File Name & Size Description of Wav Sound
GDI on hold
21 KB

Global Defense Initiative female computer voice: "On hold."

GDI recycle
20 KB

Sound effects for GDI recycle bin.

GDI success
16 KB

GDI female computer: "Your probability of success is insignificant and dropping."

GDI transmission in
8 KB

GDI female computer: "Incoming transmission."

GDI unable
6 KB

GDI female computer: "Unable to comply."

GDI warning
15 KB

Global Defense Initiative female computer: "Warning."

Nod low power
19 KB

Brotherhood of Nod male computer voice: "Low power."

Nod on hold
18 KB

Nod male computer: "On hold."

Nod transmission in
33 KB

Nod male computer: "Incoming transmission."

Nod unable
32 KB

Nod male computer: "Unable to comply."

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