Star Trek

Music and Sound Effects

File Name & Size Description of Wav Sound
Bridge SFX
62 KB

Sound effects from the bridge of the Enterprise. (The Omega Glory)

144 KB

Beginning of show opening.

36 KB

Sfx: Doors opening and closing on the Enterprise.

16 KB

Music sfx.

67 KB

Ominous music. (Balance of Terror)

27 KB

Transporter sfx.

40 KB

William Shatner as Kirk: "Energize."

Sfx: Transporter. (Space Seed)

7 KB

Sfx: Communicator. (Amok Time)

Bridge to captain
65 KB

Sfx: Hailing whistle.

Walter Koenig as Ensign Chekov: "Bridge to Capt. Kirk." (Journey to Babel)

35 KB

Ominous music.

87 KB

Very serious-sounding music segue. (Day of the Dove)

Music dramatic
218 KB

Music played during many of the shows dramatic scenes, often during hand-to-hand combat." (The Omega Glory)

Music interlude
215 KB

Music played during semi-dramatic interludes. (The Omega Glory)

Music startling
35 KB

Music played when someone is surprised or startled. (The Omega Glory)

Music segue
73 KB

Music segue. (The Apple)

Music segue 2
83 KB

Music sometimes played as a segue into a commercial break. (A Piece of the Action)

Ominous 2
36 KB

Ominous music. (The Doomsday Machine)

Boldly go
51 KB

End of show opening.

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