Star Trek

Fascination Compilation

File Name & Size Description of Wav Sound

31 KB

Leonard Nimoy: "Fascinating... but quite impossible." (A Piece of the Action)

13 KB

Leonard Nimoy: "Fascinating." (Mirror, Mirror)

10 KB

Nimoy: "Fascinating." (episode unknown)

10 KB

Nimoy: "Fascinating." (episode unknown)

27 KB

Leonard Nimoy: "A most fascinating thing happened." (Metamorphosis)

28 KB

William Shatner as Kirk: "How 'bout it, Spock."

Nimoy: "Fascinating." (The Tholian Web)

28 KB

DeForest Kelley as Dr. McCoy: "It's unbelievable."

Leonard Nimoy as Spock: "Fascinating." (The Changeling)

74 KB

DeForest Kelley: "Please, Spock, do me a favor and don't say it's fascinating."

Leonard Nimoy: "No ... But, it is interesting." (The Ultimate Computer)

Star Trek

Live Long Enough to Launch a Prosperous Series of Feature Films

File Name & Size Description of Wav Sound
Live long 1
18 KB

Leonard Nimoy as Spock: "Live long and prosper." (Assignment: Earth)

Live long 2
14 KB

Nimoy: "Live long and prosper." (Is There in Truth No Beauty?)

Live long 3
15 KB

Leonard Nimoy: "Live long and prosper." (The Savage Curtain)

Live long and leave a message
171 KB

Leonard Nimoy: "Greetings. This is Science Officer Spock, and currently there are no life forms available to take your call. But at the pre-arranged audio signal, please feel free to leave any verbal communication you feel is necessary. Live long and prosper." (episode unknown... Just kidding. Everyone knows which episode this is from.)

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