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Michael Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti: "Side deals, secret promises He's always got an agenda." 64

Frank Vincent as Phil Leotardo: "We're, uh, from Alcoholics Anonymous."

Christopher's mother: "What's your name?"

Vincent: "Well, we're anonymous." Answer phone 43

Tony Sirico as Paulie Walnuts: "You don't answer your f***in' phone? I tried you 50 times last night." Apology 37

Steven Van Zandt as Silvio: "I would suggest something in the way of, uh, of an apology." 33

Bruce Altman: "I'm aware we have a contract in place... Please, I'm an attorney." Attorney damages 13

Bruce Altman: "I can show damages." 31

Bruce Altman: "Please, I'm an attorney... I can tort you into the poor house." 25

James Gandolfini: "From now on, I'm gonna take a bigger hand in this s***." 74

James Gandolfini: "But, this s*** I'm tellin' ya... it'll all blow over." 48

James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano: "Oh, this boring cocksucker. Jehovah's Witnesses are more interesting." 111

Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano: "You can't just lie and cheat and break the rules you don't like!" Brylcreem 27

Dominic Chianese as Uncle Junior: "Federal marshals are so far up my ass, I can taste Brylcreem." 53

Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano: "It is neverending, your bulls***." 16

James Gandolfini: "Ya know what? This is f***in' bulls***." 53

Frank Vincent as Phil Leotardo: "Bye-bye. Wave bye-bye, Grampa. Bye-bye, Papa." Can't go back 29

Frank Vincent: "We can't go back. Are you out of your f***in' mind?" Captain o' industry 77

James Gandolfini: "Now, I know you think I'm like a hard, cold, captain-o-industry type... That's not all there is." 170

Edie Falco: "Any marriage would need fidelity."

James Gandolfini: "Like Popeye says... I yam what I yam."

Falco: "Well, I didn't marry a cartoon." 62

Tony Sirico as Paulie Walnuts: "I knew he'd cave. He's a f***in' pussy, that kid." Cholesterol 69

Nancy Marchand as Olivia Soprano: "I can't eat that. It's got cholesterol."

Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano: "I made it with the low-fat cheese."

Marchand: "Yiucchhh." Clinton Hillary 30

Maureen Van Zandt as Gabriella Dante: "Hillary Clinton? I can't stand that woman." Clinton stained dress 75

Sharon Angela as Rosalie Aprile: "The president of the United States, for cryin' out loud? Look at what his wife had to put up with, with the BJ's and the stained dress." 59

James Gandolfini: "F***in' bitch... and complain, and f***in' bitch, bitch, bitch!... F*** it!" 156

James Gandolfini: "You got no f***in' idea what it's like to be Number 1. Every decision you make affects every facet of every other f***in' thing. It's too much to deal with, almost. And, in the end, you're completely alone with it all." Compromise 47

Vincent Curatola as Johnny Sack: "Maybe there's a compromise here then."

Tony Lip as Carmine: "There's always a compromise." 483

James Gandolfini: "There's somethin' I gotta confess... What are you doin'?"

Edie Falco: "Getting my wine in position to throw in your damned face."

Gandolfini: "You're always with the drama, you."

Falco: "You go ahead and confess already, please? Get it over with!"

Gandolfini: "... I'm on Prozac."

Falco: "Oh! Oh, my God."

Gandolfini: "I've been seeing a therapist."

Falco: "Oh, my God! I think that's great! I think that's so wonderful! I think that's so gutsy!"

Gandolfini: "All right. Take it easy."

Falco: "But, I just think that's very, very wonderful!"

Gandolfini: "What'd you think? I was Hannibal Lecture before, or somethin'?"

Falco: "I just think it's great. Psychology doesn't address the soul. That's something else. But this is a start. This is something. I'm gonna shut up now." Conserve! 12

James Gandolfini: "Conserve!" 29

James Gandolfini: "How many times I gotta tell you? Get control of your wife!" Crazy 15

James Gandolfini: "You're f***in' crazy." Crock 19

Edie Falco: "This is such a crock of s***." Crush 73

Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Meadow Soprano: "The state can crush the individual."

James Gandolfini: "New Jersey?"

Sigler: "The government... specifically the federal government." Damages 13

Bruce Altman: "I can show damages." Decapitate 48

Frank Vincent: "We decapitate and we do business with whatever's left." 68

Lorraine Bracco: "And you were feeling so positive."

James Gandolfini: "I woke up this morning and the depression just washed over me." 97

Lorraine Bracco as Dr. Jennifer Melfi: "Excellent! Let's talk about that."

James Gandolfini: "What."

Bracco: "Rage."

Gandolfini: "Why?"

Bracco: "Depression is rage turned inward." Diarrhea 29

Michael Imperioli: "She's got diarrhea." Did I anger you? 23

Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Meadow Soprano: "Did I do something to piss you off?" 15

James Gandolfini: "I didn't say that." Didn't do nothin' 1 27

Drea de Matteo as Adriana La Cerva: "I didn't do nothin'." 32

Drea de Matteo: "But, I didn't do nothin'." Disaster 164

Lorraine Bracco as Dr. Melfi: "And this is something you're contemplating?"

James Gandolfini: "What?... It'd be a disaster... of major proportions." Dissed the Bing 14

James Gandolfini: "He disrespected the Bing." Don't do it 30

James Gandolfini: "Don't do it! I'm warnin' you! Do not do it!!" Don't go 15

Annabella Sciorra as Gloria: "Don't go – don't go!" Don't know 27

Nancy Marchand: "I don't know what you're talking about." Don't know me 78

James Gandolfini: "You don't know me at all."

Edie Falco: "I know you better than anybody, Tony, even your friends... which is probably why you hate me." Don't like talk 24

Nancy Marchand: "I don't like that talk!" Don't stop 338

Background music: Journey's Don't Stop Believin'.

James Gandolfini: "I went ahead and ordered something for the table."

(Last line of the final episode, including all the final seconds of audio.) Dramatic 20

James Gandolfini: "Don't get dramatic now, all right?" 538

James Gandolfini: "I had a dream last night... Ahh... My bellybutton was a Phillips-head screw, and I'm walkin', unscrewin' it, and when I get it unscrewed... my penis falls off... ... Ya know, I pick it up, and I'm holdin' it, and I'm runnin' around, lookin' for the guy who used to work on my Lincoln, when I drove Lincolns, so he can put it back on... and, ya know, I'm holdin' it up, and this bird swoops down and grabs it in its beak and flies off with it."

Lorraine Bracco: "... What kind of bird?"

Gandolfini: "I dunno... seagull or somethin'."

Bracco: "A water bird?" 33

Robert Iler as Anthony Soprano, Jr.: "You people are f***ed. You're living in a dream." Duck flies off 40

Lorraine Bracco as Dr. Melfi: "In your worst dreams, a duck flies off with your penis." 12

Steven Van Zandt as Silvio: "Duly noted." Endangered 30

Michael Imperioli as Christopher: "Ya never know. I could be on the endangered species list." 82

Edie Falco: "I want what I'm entitled to."

James Gandolfini: "You're entitled to s***." 69

Michael Imperioli: "Everybody knows about it!! Everybody's talkin' about it!!" Everything ends 41

Edie Falco: "Well, let me tell you something... Everything comes to an end." Expensive piece 24

James Gandolfini: "Most expensive piece o' ass I ever had." 64

James Gandolfini: "No matter what I do, I feel guilty." 12

James Gandolfini: "Oh, f*** that." Future 41

Tony Sirico as Paulie: "Nobody knows what the future holds... my friend." Going 2 hell 22

Edie Falco: "What's different between you and me is you're going to hell when you die." Going 2 hell 2 27

James Gandolfini: "Oh, don't worry... I'm goin' to hell when I die." Good catholic 36

Edie Falco: "Be a good Catholic for 15 f***in' minutes! Is that so much to ask??" 56

Lorraine Bracco: "That's tremendous guilt to carry." 183

Michael Imperioli: "Maybe one reason why things are so f***ed up in the organization these days is guys runnin' off, not listening to middle management." Gynecology 119

James Gandolfini: "I'm chalkin' all this up to female menopausal situations."

Lorraine Bracco: "You're not my gynecologist."

Gandolfini: "Well, you don't need a gynecologist to know which way the wind blows." Hateful 21

Edie Falco: "You are so f***ing hateful." 62

James Gandolfini: "What the f*** do you know what goes on in my head?" Head up ass 37

Jason Cerbone as Jackie, Jr.: "You wanna spend the rest of your life with your head up your ass? Be my guest." 97

Steven Van Zandt: "I probably shouldn't be tellin' you this, but, since you asked... I think certain people are startin' to wonder where your heart is." 107

Lorraine Bracco: "So, you've come back for help. Don't look at that as a defeat." Hi, it's me 23

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: "Hi, it's me. What are you doing?" 80

James Gandolfini: "What a horrible f***in' job you have... How do you do it?" Hypocrite 18

Edie Falco: "You f***ing hypocrite." 71

James Gandolfini: "What's it all about? Why don't you illuminate me." Indecision 44

Edie Falco: "More is lost by indecision than by wrong decision. That's all I'm saying." Indecision 2 30

James Gandolfini: "More is lost by indecision than wrong decision." Indicted 34

David Margulies as Neil Mink: "Eighty to ninety percent chance you'll be indicted." 165

James Gandolfini: "You sound like you're glad I'm takin' it on the chin."

Lorraine Bracco: "Maybe you're projecting hostile feelings."

Gandolfini: "Bulls***. If we had, uh, instant replay, you'd see it in two seconds."

Bracco: "But we don't have instant replay."

Gandolfini: "I know that." Internet 10

James Gandolfini: "F***in' Internet." Internet cookie 23

James Gandolfini: "Log off. That cookie s*** makes me nervous."

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