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Six Feet Under

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Anne Dudek: "Isn't that the most pathetic thing you've ever heard in your whole life?" 19

Garrison Hershberger: "You wanna help people? Join the Peace Corps." 23

Freddy Rodriguez: "Oh, my God, is that a penis?" 62

Mena Suvari as Edie: "Your penis is kinda nice... Too bad you're attached to it." 16

Bill Cobbs: "Bitch, I don't need your permission!" 23

Peter Krause: "Ya know, you're really startin' to piss me off." 22

Rachel Griffiths: "Oh, so this is a pissing contest." 49

Man: "I don't know what kind of piece-of-s*** operation you people are running here. I really don't." 30

Frances Conroy: "She's just as precious as precious can be." 36

Richard Jenkins: "Well, well... The prodigal returns." 197

Frances Conroy: "You're not supposed to protect me. I'm supposed to protect you."

Peter Krause: "But you can't. You can't protect me from this."

Conroy: "I know, but I can try. That's what a mother does. She tries to protect you, and most of the time she fails, but it's the trying that makes you feel loved. How are you going to feel loved if you don't ever let me try?" 87

Peter Krause: "I'm real proud of you... and I'm real proud of us."

Lili Taylor as Lisa: "For what?"

Krause: "For making this work. For being present. For showing up each day. For being committed to being a family."

Taylor: "Is it that hard for you?"

Krause: "No, no, no. Of course not."

Taylor: "I thought this was what you wanted."

Krause: "It is what I want."

Taylor: "Are you sure?"

Krause: "Of course."

Taylor: "I mean like totally sure, 100 percent, absolutely, no doubts whatsoever?"

Krause: "I'm sure."

Taylor: "Oh, God, Nate, I love you so much it terrifies me." 50

Marina Black: "Don't pussy-whip 'im. You gotta act like you don't care. Guys hate it when you're all over them." 30

Eric Balfour: "Hey, what is this? Twenty f***in' Questions?" 29

Frances Conroy: "I quit. Consider this my two-week notice." 42

Rachel Griffiths: "Aah, relationships are f***ed."

Kellie Waymire: "That's what I always say."

Sfx: Wine glasses tinkling. 43

Frances Conroy: "Of course, I shouldn't be surprised that you won't take any responsibility – You never have!" 32

Richard Jenkins: "This is what you've been running away from your whole life, buddy boy." 23

Michael C. Hall: "Well, people aren't always who they seem to be." 19

Frances Conroy: "Tomorrow is such short notice." 38

Peter Krause: "I think you should take your gesture of good faith and shove it up your ass." 20

Peter Krause: "Son of a mother-f***." 35

Timm Sharp: "Your soul is on fire."

Marina Black: "I know." 208

Michael C. Hall: "You just threatened my family... I will find you or someone you love. I'm not saying anyone's going to die. There are tragedies far worse than death, things you couldn't even dream of, you spineless, candy-assed corporate f***... Just give me a reason." 25

Frances Conroy: "Spring is a very busy time of the year!" 21

Peter Krause: "I don't like being stalked by a psycho." 14

Frances Conroy: "What's that supposed to mean?" 32

Marina Black: "Just take a break. It'll keep you from burning out." 23

Frances Conroy: "Don't let me talk you into something you don't want to do." 16

Frances Conroy: "You'll thank me when you're old." 16

Peter Krause: "That's it? That's all she said?" 34

Lauren Ambrose: "Whoa, you're not on the list of people who get to touch my tits." 73

Rachel Griffiths: "I didn't say that my life wasn't unmanageable... I just said that I hadn't admitted I was powerless." 35

Peter Krause: "Oh, my life is a waste? F*** you! At least I enjoy it!" 78

Lauren Ambrose: "So, what are you guys doing tomorrow?"

Michael C. Hall and Peter Krause: "Same ole s***." 16

Freddy Rodriguez: "What the f***in' f***!!!" 14

Michael C. Hall: "What the hell are you doing?" 20

Peter Krause: "She kept Wheat Thins in her refrigerator." 54

Rachel Griffiths: "Who the f*** do you think you are??"

Peter Krause: "Who the f*** am I? ... Who the f*** are you??" 20

Frances Conroy: "But, why? Why does this keep happening?" 21

Rachel Griffiths: "What – you think I'm a witch?" 44

Rachel Griffiths: "We carry our wounds with us throughout life, and eventually they kill us." Six Feet Under, page 2

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