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The Three Stooges (film shorts)

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Samuel Horwitz (a.k.a. Shemp Howard) as Shemp: "Moe!" 15

Moses Horwitz (a.k.a. Moe Howard) as Moe: "We ain't gettin' no place fast." 16

Moe: "What kind of nonsense is this?" 52

Jerome Horwitz (a.k.a. Jerome Howard) as Curly: "We're not ordinary people. Huh huh. We're morons."

Moe: "Speak for yourself." Nothing happens 16

Curly: "I'm tryin' to think, but nothin' happens." 36

Shemp: "Why you numbskull." Nyuk 6

Curly: "Nyuk!" Nyuk nyuk 1 41

Curly: "Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk!"

Sfx: Boop!

Curly: "Oop!" Nyuk nyuk 2 24

Curly: "Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk.."

Sfx: Thung!

Curly: "Oohooho!" Nyuk nyuk 3 19

Curly: "Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk.."

Sfx: Boop!

Curly: "Ooo!" 13

Shemp: "Wohhhh!" 25

Moe: "I oughta beat your brains in... I think I will!"

Sfx: Boop!

Curly: "Ohhh!" 68

Curly: "We will now pause for station identification. This is N-U-T-S."

Sfx: Train and Clang. 19

Moe: "Never look a gift horse in the puss." 31

Curly: "Nyuk nyuk nyuk..."

Sfx: Boop!

Curly: "Oop!"

Moe: "Quiet! What's the matter with you?" 30

Curly: "Nyuk nyuk nyuk..."

Moe: "Quiet!"

Sfx: Whap!

Curly: "Ooo! Ruff!" 75

Moe: "Remind me to kill you later."

Curly: "I'll make a note of it... I ain't got a pencil!"

Moe: "Well, I changed my mind. I'm gonna do it now."

Sfx: Whap, whap.

Curly: "Ooh, oh!" 27

Moe: "Remind me to kill you later."

Shemp: "I won't have time later." 52

Curly: "Roses are red, and how do you do? Drink four of these, and woo woo woo woo!" 17

Curly: "Ruff! Ruff!" 17

Moe: "Shut up and start talkin'." 6

Sfx: Slap! Snore 91

Snoring stooges. (with Shemp) Spread out 1 12

Moe: "Spread out!" Spread out 2 9

Moe: "Spread out!" Spread out 3 12

Moe: "Now, spread out!" Stubborn 15

Curly: "Ooo, stubborn, eh?" 98

Louis Feinberg (a.k.a. Larry Fine) as Larry: "Say, he'll make a beautiful rug. Do you know a taxidermist?"

Curly: "Certainly. My cousin Wooly(?) from Pittsburgh – he drives a taxi."

Larry: "Taxidermist, taxidermist!"

Curly: "Taxidermist to you, too!" Thung 4

Sfx: Thung! 25

Moe: "Why don't you get a toupee with some brains in it?" 68

Moe: "Pick out two fingers."

Curly: "One, two... Yow!... Mhhmm, mmhhm!... Yow!" 16

Curly: "Ummmh! Hmmmph!" Victim 1 16

Curly: "I'm a victim of circumstance!" Victim 2 17

Curly: "I'm a victim of circumstance." 10

Curly: "What happened?" 27

Larry: "Who is it?"

Curly: "It's me – Curly! Open up!" 15

Sfx: Whoot-whoo. 15

Moe: "Oh, a wise guy, eh?" Woob 10

Curly: a very brief "Woob woob." Woob woob 1 21

Curly: "Woob woob woob woob woob!" Woob woob 2 44

ditto. Woob woob 3 23

ditto. Woob woob 4 25

ditto. Woob woob 5 73

ditto. Woob woob 6 17

ditto. Woob woob 7 86

ditto. 93

Curly: "Ya-ah-ah-ah...Ohhh! Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk...Yee-ahh! Ruff! Ruff!" 34

Moe: "You fixed everything."

Curly: "You like it?"

Moe: "Yeah ..."

Sfx: Whap!

Curly: "Oh!" 26

Moe: "You know better than that." You nit-wit 10

Moe: "You nit-wit."

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