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Butterfield 8

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Elizabeth Taylor as Gloria Wandrous: "May I say something to you?"

Laurence Harvey as Weston Liggett: "Sure, honey, babe, doll-face, kid! Say something sexy! Something that always got the boys headed straight for the motel!"

Taylor: "You can't have everything in life. Be grateful for the few things you do get, no matter where they come from."

Harvey: "The pornographic philosopher... Now, you just sit there like a good tramp should, until I get out of your sight. I can't stomach being seen in public with you."

88 KB

Eddie Fisher as Steve Carpenter: "What are you trying to do to me?"

Elizabeth Taylor: "Drive you wild with desire!"

122 KB

Elizabeth Taylor: "Where are you bound for, captain?"

Laurence Harvey: "Bound for ecstasy."

Taylor: "I've heard a lot about ecstasy."

Harvey: "It's everything they say... and more."

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Laurence Harvey: "I'm a failure as a husband. I'm a failure as a man."

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Jeffrey Lynn as Bingham Smith: "Will you take it from an old fraternity brother?... You're a heel, a lowdown, rotten heel. Anything that doesn't go your way anything you can't have you destroy."

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Elizabeth Taylor: "Unless I can be honest with you about yesterday, how can you believe me today?"

80 KB

Laurence Harvey: "You're a joke a dirty joke, from one end of this town to the other!"

52 KB

Elizabeth Taylor: "It's no use. It's no damned use!"

90 KB

Dina Merrill as Emily Liggett: "Pull."

Sfx: Two shotgun blasts.

67 KB

Laurence Harvey: "Pull!"

Sfx: Shotgun blast.

81 KB

Laurence Harvey: "Pull!"

Sfx: Two shotgun blasts.

126 KB

Elizabeth Taylor: "The greater the sacrifice you ask a woman to make for you, the more she knows you love her... honestly."

62 KB

Elizabeth Taylor: "I was the slut of all time!"

66 KB

Elizabeth Taylor: "Let me tell you the truth, for once in my life!"

140 KB

Elizabeth Taylor: "I always said I'd try anything once."

Eddie Fisher as Steve Carpenter: "Ever try common sense?"

Taylor: "Only in desperation."

206 KB

Elizabeth Taylor: "You haven't heard the worst of it yet!... I loved it!... Every awful moment of it, I loved!"

140 KB

Elizabeth Taylor: "I say yes too much when I shouldn't, and you say no too much when you shouldn't."

129 KB

Elizabeth Taylor: "Am I wrong? Somehow I get the feeling that you don't like me."

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