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The Blair Witch Project

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59 KB

Heather Donahue as Heather: "I can't believe you could be such an a-hole!!"

53 KB

Heather Donahue: "This is f***in' crazy s***."

94 KB

Joshua Leonard as Josh: "Jesus Christ... That's f***in' creepy."

126 KB

Joshua Leonard: "I'm not playing head games, man. If anyone's playing head games, you're playing head games, but I'm not playing head games."

88 KB

Heather Donahue: "Hello? ... Hello?"

173 KB

Michael C. Williams as Mike, shouting: "Heeeelp!! ... Please help us!! ... Help us!!"

180 KB

Heather Donahue: "You've gotta be kidding me... You have got to f***in' be kidding me!!"

Joshua Leonard: "(inaudible) ... a f***in' game!"

Michael C. Williams: "Get the f*** off me, man!"

Donahue: "What the f***!! Are you out of your f***in' mind??"

216 KB

Joshua Leonard: "That is so not cool, man."

Heather Donahue: "I know it's not cool."

Leonard: "That is so not cool."

Donahue: "I know it's not cool."

Leonard: "That is, that, I mean, that's the f***in', like, least responsible thing you could've possibly done, man."

55 KB

Heather Donahue: "Just please stop yelling at me, please."

61 KB

Heather Donahue: "Oh, it's Mr. Punctuality!"

121 KB

Heather Donahue: "I'm scared to close my eyes... I'm scared to open them."

37 KB

Heather Donahue: "We like shortcuts, don't we?"

103 KB

Heather Donahue: "You are a f***ing a**-hole!!"

Michael C. Williams: "I'm sorry!"

Donahue: "You're a f***in' a**-hole!"

154 KB

Heather Donahue: "I am so, so sorry... for everything that has happened."

77 KB

Heather Donahue: "You don't think this is strange?"

Someone: "This is way f***in' weird."

Turn it off
42 KB

Michael C. Williams: "Turn the goddamned thing off!!"

46 KB

Heather Donahue: "What the f*** were you thinking??"

105 KB

Heather Donahue: "Oh my God What the f*** is that?? What the f*** is that??"

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