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WavSource is intended for purposes related to education, research, criticism, and review for video or DVD purchases. Sound files from movies and TV programs are designed to supplement the Editorial Reviews contained in this web site, in accordance with the Fair Use doctrine of U.S. copyright law. WavSource does not charge visitors a fee to access the material on this site, and WavSource neither contains nor distributes any full-length song files.

Any copyrights pertaining to the audio material on this site remain the property of the copyright holders. Anyone with a concern about copyrighted material on this site should send e-mail to to request that such material be removed. General information about copyright and Fair Use issues can be found at the Stanford University web site, which is not affiliated in any way with WavSource.com.

This web site neither seeks nor disseminates any personal information about its visitors.

Visitors should be aware that sound bites from popular media can sometimes contain themes and language of a mature nature. WavSource does not contain X-rated sound files, but mature themes and language pervade modern media and culture, so WavSource does contain some movies/misc/warning_under17.wav">R-rated material.

Descriptions of audio files containing profanity are noted by having the language in question substituted with asterisks.

Parents wishing to restrict their children's access to WavSource or any other web sites should visit pages like this one to find services and software for that purpose.

Anyone who samples the material within WavSource should do so with the understanding of this disclaimer and the usage policies found in the next column.

Usage Policies

Access to WavSource is free. There are only a few rules that visitors are asked to observe.

  1. If you like certain sounds or pictures at WavSource and wish to use them on your own web site or post them to a blog site (such as MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter), you must first copy them to your own server or the blog server and link to them from there.  DO NOT link directly to sounds or pictures residing on my server. That movies/misc/black_stallion_thief.wav">steals my bandwidth and increases my costs, which can make WavSource too expensive for me to maintain.

  2. If you're unable to copy sound files to your own server or a blog server, consider linking to the WavSource page (html file) that contains the sound you want people to hear.

  3. The bandwidth thing mentioned above is very serious. Don't do it. Abuse like that could eventually force me to either shut WavSource down or implement theft prevention devices that would make access more restrictive, even for legitimate visitors.

  4. WavSource reserves all rights to the design and html content of this site, unless otherwise indicated. Copying or mirroring the html content herein is prohibited.

  5. WavSource is designed to be both useful and enjoyable. It is not designed to turn a profit or make lots of money. Ad revenue and donations simply help offset the cost of maintaining the site. If you find the site to be useful and enjoyable, your donation will be very appreciated. In any case, please continue to enjoy WavSource.

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